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We love what we do. It’s who we are

Papak D


Moved to Canada from Belgium over 20 years ago. Fluent in English, French & Farsi he started his first Video Production company in Montreal, in 1997 moved to Vancouver, BC & later established Digital Dreams. Papak Has Directed more than 20 Music Videos, Documentaries and has worked on numerous video projects, including 52 episodes of the tv program “Winds of Change” on KVOS TV

Paul Bourque

DOP/Music Director

Went to Vancouver film school in the 90’s. Went on to form Digital Dreams. Has worked on numerous video projects, including the tv program “Winds of Change” on KVOS TV. He spent the summer of 2013 shooting and directing the 35 minute short film “Tri-angle of me. ”

Moe Askari-Our Team

Moe Askari

Director of Photography

Born out of a desire to create dramatic and provocative images, Moe  Askar delivers over 25 years of award winning cinematography. Moe has helped to bring both national and international awards to the productions that he has been involved with. You can feel confident that your vision will be captured through the use of his services. With experience shooting a wide range of formats from Digital 4k and HD, down to Video DSLR’s Moe has the eye and knowledge needed for your production.


Business Analyst 

Is an ambitious business analyst who believes that the key to project success is to understand who has a stake in the project and involves them to ensure an agreeable outcome. Michelle’s focus always begins on identifying an organization’s business needs through the development of Business Architecture.


Tv and Media Production

With his in-depth understanding of the ever-changing online and media landscapes, Mehrdad brings vast knowledge of both offline and online mediums, and is remarkably skilled at merging them until they coalesce into one sophisticated, integrated DR campaign. Under Mehrdad’s strategic direction and management, clients have seen dramatic improvements in their bottom-line ROI.