Photo Montages

Each photo-montage we create is unique. Photo collages are created by professional artists who will craft and compose your images with your favorite songs to create a compelling video complete with titles, merges, soft cut-outs and special effects; the collages and montages that result are true works of art.

“We don’t just move the images in the frame of the video or simply presenting them in a static slideshow”

A photo-montage is a video production that brings your photos to life. Photo-montage is an art, combining photographic pictures with movement, transitions, and more, all choreographed to music, for a truly one-of-a-kind customized slideshow.

-Photo-montages are usually made as unique gifts to celebrate various life events. They are made from still photos but other images can also be used such as newspaper clippings, old movies and other memorabilia.

-Time is spent on every photo to improve its quality. Cracks, stains and tears can be repaired, then color corrected and the brightness levels are adjusted.

-Each photo is re-framed, as a professional photographer would have shot it. Captions can be added to each photo and finally we do artistic 2/3D camera moves on selected photos, so we end up with stills that appear to move. Then we put the photos together so that they flow seamlessly from one to the next and set them to the music of your choice.

-Clients that have produced these videos often remark about how unbelievably clear the reworked photos look and how they can see details that were lost in the small, faded original photos.

-With years of experience, and a creative team, our talent enables us to create extraordinary movie montages that tell stories of their own. Our productions have evoked laughter, tears, and every emotion in between.

What We Do:

-Photo Editing

-2 or 3D Camera Moves

-Visual Effects

-Color Correction

-Brightness and Contrast

-Audio (Music-Narration)

Repair: Cracks, stains, tears, color fade are repaired as needed on all our photo-montage edits.

3D-Photo Montage Sample

Fairytale Story by Digital Dreams Studios

Before & After Image Restorations


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