Here are a few of the testimonials we have received over the past years.

There’s absolutely nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients’ eyes light up when they watch their new video for the first time. And nothing gets us more excited than exceeding your expectations. Simply put, we love what we do, and we think it shows in the quality of our videos.

After more than 10 years in business our Customers say it best!

Hi Digital Dreams:

I can’t appreciate you enough for making our dream come true. Your video was touching, which brought us cry, laugh and joy. I highly recommend you to all of my friends who would love to have an unforgettable moment to be captured in a new creative way you make.

Thank you again

Samira, Shahab & Alina, Photo Montage

Hi Papak jan!

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much for the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING interview that you edited! The digital effects, the background, the interview, camera work, behind the scenes etc was incredible. Your work is NOTHING short of a “digital dream!” I was shocked with how superb the interview has turned out! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Say hi to Paul and Ali jan!



Pars Video USA, Pars Video


“I have worked with Digital Dreams for over 10 years and have consistently received excellent service and the highest level of quality in all the work that they have done for my business. I found their team to be professional and very responsive to my demanding needs and they therefore come highly recommended.”
Eitan Sharir, Dynamic Achievement Group

Even more happy customers.

We got married on June 24, 2006

The wedding was beautiful, but time went by so fast on the wedding day that
the next day we felt like it was all a nice dream. The only thing that makes
us remember every little detail of the day is our wedding video.
Our families and us have seen the wedding video so many times, but we never
get tired of it. I think that is one of the most important things about a
wedding video.

We are so glad that the crew from DIGITAL DREAM PRODUCTION was there to make
our wedding video. I want to thank you guys for making our wedding video a
beautiful love story and not missing anything important throughout the day.

Thank you


Nahid and Erfan, Wedding

I don’t know where to begin…how can we express our gratitude for this remarkable gift you have given us? The video is absolutely gorgeous. It is BEYOND anything we could have ever expected. It is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! We are totally both over the moon with what you did. It is perfectly perfect.

We will never know how to thank you for this. You are a true friend. We are so grateful to you

You have captured every detail, every emotion with such care and love…the flowers, the music, our families and the intense sense of pure happiness that colored every aspect of this day. It is all there for us, to keep forever – this remarkable time capsule whose colors will never fade. The beauty of your work is rivaled only by your generosity of spirit. From the first time we spoke, you have been gracious and wonderful, attentive to every request with a patience that never wavered. We are forever grateful for your talent and kindness…how rare it is to meet someone who takes so much pride in what he does and derives such joy from making others so happy.

Thank you so much Dearest Papak & Paul for stopping time and bottling every beautiful memory. With love, gratitude and much admiration

Samira & Ali, Wedding

Dear Papak & Paul,

We wanted to thank you both for your hard work and dedicated time to creating an amazing memory for us that can never be forgotten. Not only is the work excellent, but the voice and video are exactly on count. The shots are perfect creating a feel to the video as if we are actually there again. The voice and video quality are perfectly clear. The story of the video is exactly in order from start to finish without anything left out. We could not ask for a better video, every time we watch the video all of the true feelings and excitement from that day come back to us. Besides the video your customer service was flawless and you both answered all of our questions, and made us feel welcome. We both wish you great success and can’t wait to have the pleasure of your service for another occasion.

Thank You for everything, this is a lifetime treasure for both of us.

Ghazal and Oliver Kalani, Photo Montage

What other happy couples are saying.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you guys did on our wedding . You truly did make it a digital dream come true.

Yasi and I really did not know what to expect but you exceeded our expectations in every aspect of the wedding.

The video was very professional, well organized and comprehensive. We have gotten nothing but rave reviews.

Ali and Yasi, Wedding

So we got our video from you today – and i have a “few” things to say – so i will keep it “short”

Camera angles, shot composition, fancy tilt and pan, attention to related details in the surroundings, cuts no less than perfect and transitions that are not just timed perfectly but creatively positioned….from the camera work to post production – hats off!

Thank you for the dedication throughout the day and night and all the post production efforts that made this video truly a pleasure to watch and relive the whole day – after over 2 hours of watching this – i said…..what – it’s over already?

Nikki and Marko, Wedding

I just wanted to give you a BIG THANK YOU !!!!!! The video production of our recent wedding was fantastic. I knew from the start that it would bring tears to the eyes of Nicole and it did. Now we have something to go back to as a reminder of our BIG DAY. The quality of the production was just as expected and your communication was spot on ! thank you for the little extras that made everything come together !!!!


Eugene & Nicole, Wedding

Hands down, the creme de la creme. Best you’ll find in the market and most fun people to be around 🙂 – Thanks to the both of you for capturing our special day to its fullest 🙂

Nikki, Wedding